Jumat, 04 Mei 2012


Youre a breath of fresh air, i need you without you i can’t life. 
Youre cahoots with my heart, thats the way you stole it,
Youre diamon darl. (Perfect)
Now i can spend my whole life, searchin for something thats better than you my darl.
But thats waist of my time, cause only one of you. And thats why i never let you gooooo
(My favourite things is watch her face, but i love everything about her, there’s nothin to replace. I call her Medusa, she dat typa girl dat’ll turn you in to stone, look her in the eyes and you can’t leave her alone)
Yeah i gotta say you got my heart, You my answear when i reaching for the star,
I dont need nobody else but you,
Darl love is gettin cold, You change my whole life i dont know what your doing to me with your love,
I’m feeling all superhuman when you did its to me.
You mean to me, like i mean to you, and together Darl we have all over the world.
I gotta have you and i cant wait now.
Hey Darl,
Say you care for me,
You know i care for you,
You know that i’ll be true ,
You know that i won’t lie,
You know that i’ll would try to be your everything.
But Darl when you saygoodbye, everything has changed,
Darl i dont like to saygood bye, but this is bye until next time,
I could cry a thousand tears but that won’t keep you here, You were finished with this love,
so i said why are you giving up on us?
I love you forever i promise, but for you forever ain’t that long.
And i feel so bad, cause you would’nt do the same to me,
But i know what your weakness is and you feel so mad, and now you’re gone and not looking back.
You can blame it all on me, i know it’s like this because of me,
Now I’m just like a hitchhiker waiting for a ride With no cars in sight.

I Really Need her, 
I Think I Love her 

Inspired By Chris Brown
Another You , Medusa, Number One, Superhuman, With you, Last Time Together, I Love Her )

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