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Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs

Smooth Criminal                          1. Smooth Criminal
     in this song michael's dance is excellent. I really like the song. He's voice really typical. and i think no one singer can sing this song as good as michael jackson. and he's costum so steady. and i think this song will never die.
 Billie Jean
2. Billie Jean
       Billie Jean is an amazing song, in this video Michael make the best costum and make that costum became his typical. and in this song Michael always out dancing called Moonwalk, Whine like a baby. nice dance ever i seen. and no one dancer have inspiration like him.
They Don’t Care About Us
3.They Don’t Care About Us
  this song very unique. in this song MJ voice was enough to make it the best song ever, even without the music, this song like a beatbox. and in this video michael mingle with a poor people to convey the aspiration. and in the concert michael make a costum like a troops, and i think like officials who are dancing. nice song, nice dance and nice video.
Heal the World
4. Heal the World
    everybody know about this song, in this song michael try to show concern to the people starve, dying and powerless. and for a moment have you know mean  heal the world cover, michael only show his eyes. it means michael againts freemason, freemason is a associaation of the jewish people. and we know all michael do just to defend the weak people.
   Thriller is like the number one song from Michael Jackson. cause is the bestest selling album for a long time.
and i think just he thought to make zombie dance haha, nice costum and very good idea.
Earth Song
6. Earth Song
  This song as so much meaning, it really draws me into how michael really feels, I hear every word he says. Michael gives a very important message for everyone, it means so much to him people and the planet he cares sp deeply about, and he strives so much to get others to listen to the important message he's saying and help save the people and the planet.
 Beat It
7. Beat It
Perfect beat, awesome guitar, one of the best produced Micheal Jackson tracks ever, and i think michael make good dance in this video.
Black or White
8. Black or White
Michael Jackson is not only the greatest preformer in the world, but the songs that he sings have great meaning. and michael feat slash in this song and it make soo hot baby haha
Man in the Mirror
9. Man in the Mirror
Such a great song. It has such a good meaning. Just listen to it make my heart filled with joy and happiness.
"If you want to make a world a better place, just look at yourself and then make a change"
very true and strong message in this song just change yurself before telling anyone to change!
Earth Song
10.The Way You Make Me Feel.
   in this video michael tease a girl with his voice and his dance woooow that amazing baby, and like the way michael tease a girl. and this video much imitated people like justin bieber 'baby' song, Chris brown and Usher. yeeaaa michael is inspiration singer all over the world

 M.J. has the greatest songs of all time, Here i just try write some Michael songs  are very popular all over the world.


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